Poker Etiquette

Minding your P AND Q’S (and your aces and kings)

The key to enjoying poker (besides winning money) is playing a game that is moving and does not stop disputes. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth game:

O to know the rules

It is important to know the ratings hands. Constantly referring to a “cheat sheet”, you slow down the game. Moreover, you also talked much everything that is in your hands. For example, suppose you’re playing seven-card stud, and it looks like someone may have. right and you can have a flash if you have to check if a flush beats a straight, you can also tell your fellow players, “I have a flash, can you beat it?”

ON STATE your intentions

If you are folding, not only physically, fold the card – to declare it. As you can see, call, or raise, make sure you tell the table what you are doing and the amount that you add to the pot.


Whenever you add, never, never show your cards. It provides valuable information on the remaining players, and can seriously affect the course of his hands.

Oh you remember this from kindergarten

Dont gloat and do not be a sore loser.

Ø wait their turn

It’s bad etiquette poker to bet or fold up their turn. Making a move out of turn affect the decisions of players in front of you bets. Similarly, if you are holding four aces and bet out of turn could give you a hand by appearing too eager. In short, hold tight and be patient!

O Do not criticize

It shows bad form to criticize or analyze
players go for the benefit of the table.

O Do not look at their cards until they are all dealt TO YOU

While there is nothing technically wrong with looking at your cards as they come in the poker world consider it their uncouth.

Oh do the cards say or DO players?

Sometimes in games with wild cards or games with community cards, the player may not his hand and actually have a better hand than he claims. For example, in seven-card stud game, Deuces Wild, and if a player gets J, J, 2, 10, 9, 8, 3, he can look at his hand and say, “three diamonds” when in time, he has a straight ( 8, 9, 10, J, Q (2 acts as a wild card).) So players have to decide in advance if the cards or players say.


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