Church Into Bingo?

When a casino player David Edwards dropped $ 8, got his Powerball ticket and saw God Almighty, hell, except that the pay off! With $ 73.7 million in his pocket, Edwards can not be filled with more gratitude for the lottery, bingo and wonderful world of gambling!

Believe it or not, many evangelical Christians, including Catholics, bingo derisively known as their eighth sacrament. What is important to note, however, that the Catholic Church teaches that the rate is ethically intolerable, as it denies the need for the players wealth deprived.

Hundreds of churches and synagogues in the New York area witnessed the events weekly bingo games, lotteries and casino games funded evenings in its halls and centers. Although the subject of these bingo nights is socialization and meeting new people, the basic principle remains a gamble. People are so fanatic that they ever take a picture of Saint Cayetano to their rural community social halls and gyms in the evening of bingo, in the hope that it will bring them some good luck.

St. Cayetano, a supporter of bread, work and unemployment was a pastor in Naples, who founded the Bank of Naples. Wishing a good turn would have put him their rosary or holy candles, but Saint-Cavetano always proved them wrong and won the bet.

Bingo is a reliable source for the majority of churches in the city to cover the cost of most services. According to sources, about $ 75,000 a year is not enough for several large parishes. If some parishes are benefiting from Bingo, there are others who deny its popularity.

It was learned from Dennis Keene, chairman of the Inter-parish in the Archdiocese of funding the Commission that bingo is losing ground, and several parishes have slashed their bingo agenda is almost part.


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