Poker Cheating

In a game of poker, you should always be aware of the fraud. When playing online, the number of people who do not play fair is significantly reduced. Dealer can not be bought, because the dealer is a program that randomly deals the cards and programs, do not care about money, they can not cheat or have preferences. Unlike real life poker, online poker is not real cards, so no one can fool you by hiding them down sleeves or swapping them somehow. These capabilities mean zero here.

Let’s talk a little bit about hackers, those who are so afraid of some online poker players. In the past, way back was hacking. But many years have passed since then and all the technology improved. If the attacker must try to somehow turn the odds in his favor or influence the program, it will not be able to pass all the way through the poker rooms. As the thieves stopped at a real casino security, so harmful programs stopped protection software every online poker room has.

But there is a form of online fraud and it appears the players talk to each other, it’s the type of player conspiracy. Players involved to tell each other what cards they have and assess the chances together, trying to keep one of them will win. Winnings will eventually split. In a real poker room that is not possible, but on the Internet they can talk on the phone or to be located on adjacent computers.

Fortunately, most of these players are new and they do not do it to deceive others, but simply because they do not know how to play and what to do. They do not know the power they hold, so they do not pose any real threat. In any case, there are ways to stop them. Online poker sites usually check players who are using the same IP, or play at the same time, every time in the same poker rooms. If you notice any of these situations, they are either a banner or a warning, or even thrown out of the room. How can it be just a coincidence, the sites do not prohibit payers to really look into the situation.

So here’s some thinking to determine when you want to see if you cheated.

1. Some players who are trying to get other players out of the game. They raise each other so that they can be left alone in the game.

2. Players who do not play fast pre-flop. They can be with someone or to protect someone they have teamed up with.

But it is very rarely seen real online scams. If you think they are cheating, under no circumstances their right to blame the fraud. Just follow their actions, and contact with the webmaster, he will have to deal with it. Or, if you do not want to get into any trouble, just leave this room and enter another.


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