Texas Holdem Tips – Three Tips From an Old Pro

There are three things that every poker player should know if they want to be successful in the long term. I gave this advice to a friend who was going to play in his first tournament and wanted to get a quick lesson before it started. She played fast satellite first, and that she had won. She then played in the tournament and ended up in third place. It was the first time she played from her kitchen table and only the fourth time she played at all. That’s what I told her.

O Play good cards

About Play in a great position

Ø Be aggressive

Play good cards! It seems very simple. People want to show up to the table and let everyone know how good they are, raising the pot with some garbage hand. These hands do not come up very often winners, and even when they do, they do not do at all times, you do not hit the flop at a hefty price. Not play all the “no-brainer”, AA, KK, QQ, and AK. If you feel comfortable playing AQ, JJ, 10-10. Just play KQ and KJ, if you raiser with no player in front of you. Calling a raise with these hands the right way to break down.

Play means playing different positions with good cards in the last three positions, the button seat clipping (one place in front of the button), and two spaces in front of the button. This is the meat and potatoes of positions. They will get you the money. Do not defend your small blind if you have a big map, because to be the first to operate a terrible place to be with a less optimal holdings. The opening (first in the bank after blinds) with suited connectors, say 7-6 of hearts, bad place, because these hands play well for the quality, and you have no value if you do not know who is going to play for you and for how much .

The latter is a bit more complicated. Online game is different, as we have played over the last 25 years, so be careful if this is where you learn to play. I have not seen the hyper aggressive tournament win, but not to the final table did this strategy work. I’ve seen people use it when the tournament begins in early efforts to take a lot of chips quickly. The tournament is a marathon, not a race. Be careful and know when to push. Passive player (rarely raises with less than AA, KK or QQ) have to go broke in the early or mid-event, somehow, this is not the way to play to win. Raise on the flop if you’re going to play, no matter what. If you win the blinds you can play another round for free if you play with, you have a map and the position and strength on your side. In any case, you will have great success.


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