To Bet or Not to Bet: That is the Question

Are you all enough with pocket queens and you raise preflop under the gun and get two callers. To your surprise the flop comes with a third queen and you get a lot. Now you have a decision to make – you slow-play your hand or you just put your monster. There are many factors that will play into your decision on whether or not you should put your monster or not.

First, what do you think about the other players? Whether they will likely call a big bet right now, if you decide to make a bet? If they are, it suggests that you have to put your monster. If you think that your opponent may be weak and fold to your bet, however, you can check out your hand and try to induce a bluff. Another consideration to take up is whether or not there is any obvious straight or a flush draw on the board. If your opponents are likely to hold some sort of draw, bet your monster again seems like the best move, because they will be forced to pay for them to take the card – the last thing you want to give them the opportunity to see the two free maps and then just their hands after you could get two solid rounds in.

You also need to look at the risks of each choice. For example, if you slow play your big hand, it is possible that your opponents can pursue free maps and drag you when they would be lost when you bet. These chips will be lost to you. Also, if they plan to pursue you want to make them pay for the cards and do not give them for free. Possible risk bet your hand, you can negate the efforts possible bluff an opponent who is likely to bet if you played the slow hand.

All of these considerations you need to think before you decide whether to slow play your monster or bet that it’s hard. When processing your information given, to make a choice you think is right and make your move. You are more likely to win the pot when you’re on the flop, but a huge hand or not you maximize your chips will depend on exactly how you will be playing.


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