Internet Poker Strategy: Avoid Playing Too Many Hands

Starting place to improve your poker style honestly and properly assess your qualities and see what are the things that need improvement are. You have to ask yourself what it is that you want to improve. We ask the question, and then try to answer it as good as you can, setting goals and following the Close list for their achievements. This list will most definitely vary depending on your experience, your knowledge of poker and your lifestyle in general. But there is an aspect that needs to be improved every time, no matter who you are, when you play online. Keep in mind that online you can not see the other people just do not say.

The most common and money-losing mistake is playing too many hands. If you want to know if you play too many hands just watch your style, your game, and see how many hands you lose, especially those that you suspected from the begging that they are bad, but still went along with them. We all live under the impression that at some point we did not have a good hand since forever. And this is the moment when the parties, we would not play the moment we first walked into the poker room suddenly becomes interesting and full of possibilities. It’s a trap boredom leads us since we will always find a reason to continue to play a hand, even if we know that this is just a poor take part in the game.

So, if you think that this aspect of your game that needs improvement, your goal is to increase the number of hands that you give in pre-flop. If you play an average of 40% of the hands you get and basically loses, then something is wrong. We should most definitely play fewer hands. So your goal is to be in this situation, try to throw at least 70-80% of the hands you get. Just do it mechanically. Count the hands and when you realize how much you have to drop, you will start to drop all of those questionable hands automatically. First, stop playing bad cards from early position.

This is a must. If you are not sure that the term good hands for each position means that they can refer you to articles written by experts or the Booker for this purpose. Try it and let others teach you, and stop thinking you are experienced and know everything. Make a list and count every time you are folding. After you finish your game, keep in mind the total number of hands that have been in the game. Then calculate your pre-flop folding percent. If you are unable to get it to 80%, or at least 70%, this means that you disciplined and you you reached the target. If not, keep trying until you do.

Remember that this is only for the complete ring of the tables in the main. Once you have managed to set up folding style, you have reached a new level in the payment of online poker, you are one step up the ladder to the category of professionals.


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