Poker Strategy: Look Out For the Flush Draw

Let’s take a look at the situation that some online players find irresistible, and this situation is playing hands just for the color. Why do they do this is quite simple: they look nice and are all surrounded with the same color and they will surely bring the player fabulous prizes. But they will not need luck to get a flash of only two cards. They play, for example, and an ace or a king, together with any kicker just because they are of the same suit. Many even cross that line, and they think that everything that is worth playing, if two cards are the same color.

Are you looking for your game you will find that you can also help to be responsible for these types of hands, even when you are in early position, you should really reconsider their style of play. Let’s take a look at the chances you will get a flush right from the flop. So to have a wash them you need to have in hand two cards of the same color, and next to that, three cards in the flop, all three must be the exact same color as the ones you keep. The chances for this to happen are under 1%. They actually about 0.85%. This means that the bit 118 to 1. Very low chance. Thus, even now that you know this, you can still play the ace say with any card fit, because you hope that you get a flush with the flop or the river. But, as a rule, you have to spend a lot of money to check it out. And they say that you have a flash, you can not be sure that you have a winning combination. Maybe another player tried it and it also has a flash In addition, only with better cards than yours.

I know that everyone thinks that it is difficult to abandon this method, but if you want to be successful, you have to give it up. Just think of it as a bad thing I think that will surely make you lose your money and so you could give it up.

To stop yourself from making this mistake again simply set a goal to not play this hand for 10 sessions of poker is now one. Take a pen and paper and write down every hand you will throw that fits this description. And add up, but continue to watch the game. In the end, do some calculation and see if you could win that hand. Include all bets that you would do to win it, how much money you would have spent on his hand, what and how much you will eventually win.

Repeat this procedure for each hand. And after 10 poker, then add up all the pieces. And surprisingly you will realize that it was the right decision, you have saved the money and it will convince you as well to be more careful with his hands two suited cards.


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