Betting Exchange Place Markets – Wise Up And Win

How to use the Exchange Place shopping markets in their favor


In one article, I introduced you to the concept Betting Exchange
and explained the basics LAY bet (Lay lose). Now
this article, I’m going to introduce you to another unique and
powerful feature of the betting exchanges, spot markets.

Markets are betting that the Exchange Place?

Place markets as the name implies, the markets that allow
to bet on the selection to be ‘placed’. Example. horse to complete 1st,
2nd or 3rd in 8 runner or larger field.

Now, the first and most important thing to highlight here
that these places are completely different from the markets well
It is well known Each Way (EW) betting markets offered by traditional
bookmakers. Each Way bet is actually two bets of equal shares.
The share of the first to choose from, and the second to win it
must be placed. So 赠 10 EW bet will cost you 赠 20 in total.

赠 10th place bets on the exchange rate is a rate and
Therefore it will only cost you 10 赠. If your selection finishes in
place, you collect your winnings and smile.

Think about this for a minute. How many times have you been
sure that the horses will be placed, but you were not
confident that he will win …

Traditional Each Way bet

Consider the following example. Horse named ‘Im gonna be placed’
Which is available in parallel with the traditional bookmaker to 4/1
(5.0). Your very confident that it will finish in the top 3 in
10 runner field.

With a traditional bookmaker, you can:

1) Do you have the chance to win it and put a win on it.
For example 赠 10 4/1

2) Place the EW bet on it. For example 赠 10 EW 4/1 (5.0). Overall
rates 赠 20. Bookmakers will pay you 1/5 odds on the spot
element of this E / W bet based on their standard rules of EW.
On our horse which is available to the back of 5.0 is equivalent to

Now, the only time the above race will be profitable for you is
if the horse is really wins. In both cases, you would be very
nice profit if it did. For option 1, you win 40 赠 profit
and option 2, 48 赠 profits.

BUT, if, as you suspected the horse only finishes placed in 2nd
or 3rd, you actually lose money in both cases. In one embodiment,
you obviously lose all your stake money so reduced 赠 10. With
Option 2, you win 赠 8 on the area of ​​the EW bet but still
赠 lose 2 overall as part of the victory was a losing bet.

Enter markets Betting Exchange Place

Using the above example, and depending on the price
the other horses in the race, you are likely to see rates
Exchanges offering odds of about 1.60 – 2.00 (evens) on this
The horse market. So you can put your iPod 赠 10
at, say 1.8 and collect 8 赠 profit (minus commission) as long
the horse finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Only if the horse
finishes outside the top 3 you lose 10 赠 card.

I’m sure you think it is, and you can probably see
power in it right now!

In combination with a good plan and a reasonable selection of breakdown
process, it may be common to have a very long strip at victory
backing horses to be placed on betting exchanges. These
longer winning streaks more than make up for the relatively
short rates that are offered to choose from to be placed.

Important market

A few important things to pay attention to the place of the market:

1) In contrast to the betting exchange markets victory Place markets are not
go “In-Running” when the race starts, but this is true for
traditional E / W rates offered by bookmakers as well.

2) If the race is scheduled as a runner 8 or more events, but the number of
horses become non-runners leaving less than 8 runners
betting exchanges still offer odds on 3 places. This
various bookmakers that in such cases, adjust their chances
The place of payment of 1/5 to 1/4 chance of winning, but they only
pay for 2 seats. If 5.6 or 7 runner field reduced to
less than 5 runners, the betting exchanges will continue to offer
markets and the place of payment if the horse finishes 1st or 2nd.

3) You can make the equivalent E / W bet on a bet
exchange betting to win the market and individual rate
market. Depending on the type of race and
shape of the market, you will often find that it offers more
value in terms of chances than E / W bet with a bookmaker.

Backup or lying on the spot markets

As explained in Article 1, the ability to lay a choice
perhaps the most important feature of the betting exchanges.
You now have the opportunity to lay the election in order to be placed. In
In other words, if you have good reason to believe that
Selection will not even finish in the place, put it to lose on
Exchange rates. True beauty lies in place
markets that the odds are always considerably lower than
straight win ratio so that your commitment parking lot below.

Trading in the Market Place

Since market prices are significantly lower than the straight win
market prices, they also offer a great place to learn the skill
Trading without risk to your balance! Betting Exchange
trading is simply the process of bets on price movements for
guaranteed profits. Back on the horse such as a 4.0, and then put it
later to 3.0 for the special rate risk or guaranteed profit regardless
the results!

Betting exchange trading will be described in detail in the future
rate article.


Place markets should be used as part of your bet armory.
They offer you the opportunity to make money, often with long
winning streaks being very common. It helps to build your
confidence as well as your bankroll!

Every bookmaker bets are not always poor rates, but in the vast
Most of the races, the odds are stacked firmly in favor of
bookmakers. They just love the players EW taking bets on these
races, as they know its their bread and butter. A slight
the proportion of race, where the market is formed in a certain way
do offer a very good player E / W value but it is for
the other day …

Well that’s it for part 2 of article my game currency.
In Part 3, I will be explaining Betting Exchange In-Running

Author: Martin Bailey


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